Having a team of skilled and experienced industry professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of music production is a huge asset to our clients, especially in the fast paced world of Hollywood film production. We customize our services to each client's specific needs, ranging from the hiring/casting of both musicians and singers, to budget estimates, contract administration, and all other aspects of project coordination, including rate negotiation and bookings of studios and key staff/personnel.


Peter Rotter Music Services' commitment to the industry is evident not only in their long-term relationships with established composers and production studios, but also in their ongoing efforts to build and cultivate the future of the Hollywood recording industry. PRMS supports and encourages opportunities not only for composers already working within the professional community, but also for the next generation of composers who have yet to experience a world class orchestral recording session. PRMS helps facilitate these opportunities both through affordable orchestral demo sessions and support existing programs such as the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at USC, the annual ASCAP Scoring Workshop, The American Youth Symphony, as well as Grammy Camp. These are some of the many ways PRMS gives back in support of the success and longevity of our community.

(SMPTV) USC's Scoring for Motion Picture and Television - SMPTV is a one-year graduate certificate program located in the center of the Los Angeles film and television community. It is a training program whose entire faculty are working professionals. With an emphasis in production both on the USC campus and in the Hollywood community, the students participate in ways that prepare them for future career opportunities within the multimedia marketplace. PRMS works closely with this program, contracting the majority of their orchestral sessions and giving the students a resource for in-depth information about the industry. Both Peter Rotter and Sandy Kipp appear annually as guest speakers, presenting lectures and insight on working within the film music community. Our own vocal contractor, Jasper Randall, is a proud graduate of this program. For more information, visit the official SMPTV website.

American Youth Symphony (AYS) - Since its foundation in 1964, the AYS has trained over 2,000 professionally working musicians. Many of the top recording artists in Los Angeles are alumni of this incredible orchestral program, including both Peter Rotter and Sandy Kipp. Over the years, PRMS has been able to offer real-world opportunities to many AYS musicians; enhancing their professional experience and giving them exposure to the music industry. Peter Rotter also serves as an Executive Member of the Board of Directors of AYS. For more information visit the official AYS website.

ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop - The ASCAP Workshop offers a unique experience for aspiring film and television composers. PRMS is proud to aid in the contracting of the 60+ piece studio orchestra for the film scoring segment of the workshop. Since 2002, PRMS has been an active supporter of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. For more information, visit the official ASCAP Workshop website.

Grammy Camp - The Grammy Foundation's Grammy Camp gives students from 15 to 19 years of age from all over the world the unique opportunity to study one of thirteen music industry career tracks, including composition for film and TV, audio engineering, DJ remixing, and performance, among others. PRMS is proud to have supported this program for many years. Peter Rotter is also a voting member of NARAS. For more information, visit the official Grammy Camp website.


The American Federation of Musicians (Musicians Union) has several agreements to accommodate any film budget ranging from New Media provisions for projects produced specifically for the internet, streaming content, etc, on projects budgeted up to 2 million dollars and Low Low Budget films budgeted between 2 million and 16.5 million, Low budget films from 16.5 million dollars to 49.5 million dollars to full budget Motion Pictures from 49.5 million dollars upwards.

Exciting news as well! All of these agreements offer options for releasing up to 15,000 soundtrack units for free!

Producers of ALL film projects (including those that are completely non-union, no guild involvement) have the opportunity to record with world renowned musicians by signing a one time single project agreement that only obligates the specific project they sign for, it doesn’t affect any past or future projects. This allows the composer and the film company the ability to choose recording in Los Angeles without causing a production company to enter into any future union obligations.

Another little known fact is that there is the option to score a non-obligated studio or Independent film under a partial scoring agreement. This is an agreement designed for composers and production companies who may be filming or scoring completely overseas due to incentives such as tax credits, or foreign funding to be able to record soloists, percussion sessions, guitar sessions, all music prep (orchestration and copying) and even orchestral pick up sessions here in LA for films that have to record in a foreign non-union or non AFM obligated territory (such as; Prague, Bratislava, London, Australia, etc).

The back end residual component for these films is typically 30% of the 1% revenue on the producers gross or $3,000 paid for every million dollars made in secondary markets.

ALL residuals are based on SECONDARY MARKET EARNINGS Residuals are NOT collected on primary or foreign theatrical (Box Office) receipts. These secondary markets are based on DVD sales, pay per view, free tv, etc.

If a project is produced directly to video or the primary market has no secondary market then there is little to no residual component.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


The American Federation of Musicians has agreements for every type of television production, including variety shows, scoring themes for serials, award shows, cable programs, PBS, and network serials.

The AFM allows the first 25 episodes of a TV series, including the pilot, to fall under the rates of the Low Budget Television agreement. This allows a new series to use live recorded music enhancing the quality of the production. Several shows have utilized the low budget agreement as well as score with union musicians. Those shows include ABC’s THE WALKING DEAD, ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME, ZERO HOUR, PERSON OF INTEREST, POLITICAL ANIMALS, THE MENTALIST, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and EUREKA to name just a few.

For those composers who score without orchestra, (maybe with just a guitarist, or with a specialty musician) having a weekly union contract filed on their behalf is an important way to secure health and pension benefits for themselves and their families. This also allows them to have solo musicians come in to perform on their scores thus increasing the quality of their product. Please ask your network or cable TV music producer or staff if this is an option for your project. As a reminder, most networks are members of the Motion Picture and Television Alliance and are obligated to have their shows file union contracts.

We will be happy to help coordinate all and prepare and administer the union contracts on your behalf.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


Welcome to gaming in the 21st century!

As the cutting edge international videogame industry expands, so does the need for the highest quality of musical production. We are proud to have worked on several blockbuster games. Scoring under The AFM (American Federation of Musicians) offers composers and production companies the opportunity to use live music to enhance the quality of their games with world renowned instrumentalists at competitive rates.

Music recorded, copied, orchestrated or prepared under this Agreement can be used in any repackaged, re-released or bundled version of the original product, including expansions packs, add-ons, patches or updates of product, without any additional payment and is considered original product.

All music may also be used without charge in successor/ sequel releases provided that any new music which is recorded for that sequel/ successor product, is recorded using the AFM Video Game Agreement.

The music, as well as images and audio dialog of musicians participating in these recordings, may be used without additional payment for commercial promotion of this project in Trailers, Commercials, Electronic Press-kits (EPK), Making of Videos, etc.

For Video Game soundtrack albums, the Employer or its licensee may release up to 15,000 units of physical compact discs or digital downloads without additional charge!

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


The American Federation of Musicians agreements for Sound Recordings vary from Demo Sessions recorded for promotional and pitch purposes (See Demo Sessions for specific details), Limited Pressings which allow up to 10,000 units sold, Low Budget recording agreements for projects under $99,000 dollars in production costs, as well as the recording of full length label produced CDs.

Special Session rates also are available that cover the recording of as little as 7 1/2 minutes of music in a 1 1/2 hour session if you need to record only one or two songs in a short period of time.

Limited Pressing, which allow for the sale of up to 10,000 units, as well as Low Budget Phono sessions are the perfect solution for Independent record producers or artists looking to have the very best session musicians on their project.

Rates for these options start as low as $60 per hour scale per musician.

Sessions have included those for Christina Perri “A Thousand Years”, Melody Gardot “The Absence”, Seth MacFarlane “Music is Better Than Words”, Josh Groban “Illuminations”, Elizaveta, All American Rejects, Papa Roach, Hoobastank, Adam Lambert, Dianne Reeves’ “Good Night, and Good Luck” and the weekly studio recordings for NBC’s The Voice to name just a few.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


Peter Rotter Music Services has created an on-going series of Demo Sessions that allow composers of various experience levels to record their music with a full symphony orchestra. The same world-class musicians who record the top Hollywood film scores perform in these sessions. This is an amazing opportunity for a composer, whether new or established in the film music community, to create or enhance his demo portfolio and gain the experience of working in a professional environment. Segments of 30, 60, or 90 minute recording times may be reserved and purchased at the Demo Session rate.

The incredibly low AFM Demo rates allow composers to create extensive portfolios and recordings intended for promotional purposes, including presentation for films, videogames, and television projects. PRMS also offers an on-going series of demo sessions created to give composers and songwriters the opportunity to record their music with a full symphony orchestra or a small ensemble.

With so much competition and quality of product that is present in today’s market place, it is vital that the production value heard by potential employers and clients is recorded at the highest levels possible. This includes access to the top studio musicians, vocalists, studios and engineers in Los Angeles.

Competition is fierce and your demo is your audio calling card.

We pride ourselves in having a fantastic success rate both composers and songwriters have had in receiving jobs from the recordings they have made with these world class talents.

Demo scale rates are based on the size of the group and are as low as $30 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


This is a unique AFM agreement created specifically for student film projects and films intended for submission to Film Festivals. The lower basic rates allow films to be scored with live music and encourages composers of short films to record in a professional studio with a live orchestra. The maximum budget is approximately $2 million.

Many young filmmakers have been able to record their projects with the great studio musicians of Los Angeles who have played collectively on the biggest films in history. We utilize the very best players, stages and engineers in the world to make your film score the very best it can be which in turn reflects on the overall quality of the filmmakers vision.

Festival film scale rates are as low as $40 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


The AFM has agreements for recording music intended for jingles/commercials, including radio, television, and internet use.

Agreements include specifics for Film Trailers, Short Term Use, Non-Broadcast Use, Mechanical Editing, PSA's, and more.

A little known fact is that film trailers are recorded under this financially cost effective agreement. The scale rate for this agreement is $120 per hour with a one hour minimum call and there are no additional payments if the music is used for promotional purposes of the film.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


Sidelining (or “mouthing” when applied to SAG/AFTRA Singers) refers to musicians or singers on screen simulating playing or singing to a pre-recorded track for either motion picture or television. The believability on camera of true trained musicians or singers “playing” their instruments and looking authentic is something PRMS has taken pride in for over a decade.

We have worked alongside many great studios and directors to give their films an authenticity and realism that adds to the overall quality of the visuals and emotions of the scenes that involve these talented musicians and singers.

We take pride in the fact that we work side by side with production to “cast” the perfect musician or singer that the director and production want. We submit photos of all candidates, we coordinate the use and rentals of authentic instruments and provide the sheet music that matches the pre-recorded track the musicians or singers mime to in order to capture a breathtaking and realistic performance.

We can even coordinate the recording, production and delivery of all specific Pre-Record elements for on set playback.

A few of our past projects include: Gangster Squad, Water For Elephants, The Soloist, Get Smart, Transformers: Dark of The Moon, LA Noir, I Love You Man, A Thousand Words, Dance Flick, The Mentalist, The Cape, $#*! My Dad Says, and Hart of Dixie to name just a few.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


PRMS can help to budget and coordinate a composer or production company’s projects whether scored union in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans or in other parts of the world. Handling all the logistics of a project allows the composer to focus solely on composing the score and not worrying about the small details, including budgeting, exchange rates, studios, travel coordination, etc.

In addition, PRMS has arranged and produced AFM pre-record sessions for “source” film cues or for onset playback for Sidelining and filming. All details of this process can be handled completely through PRMS, including arranging, copying, hiring of musicians and or singers, negotiating and bookings of the studio, engineer, mix, and delivery of required specified elements.

We have produced many of these sessions for several production companies.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com


Peter Rotter Music Services is at the forefront of vocal contracting, casting and production within the entertainment industry. From world-class choirs to soloists of every age, background and musical genre, PRMS can provide the perfect vocalists for your project. Our vocal contractor, Jasper Randall, will handle all aspects of your vocal needs including budgeting, casting, arranging and conducting.

From song demos to blockbuster theatrical films, Jasper Randall will find you the exact singers and choral groups for your music - each and every time. It is with this unwavering dedication to the end product that PRMS has continued to raise the bar of choral and vocal production year after year.


“Jasper did an amazing job organizing the large choruses that I used in “Avatar”. He is a true professional, with the gifts of being both a conductor and a wonderful vocalist contractor as well. Thank you so much for a job well done!”

- James Horner

(Avatar, Titanic, Braveheart)

“In the complex and demanding world of film scoring, Jasper has proven time and again that there is no challenge too great in assembling the best choirs in the world.  From his creative direction down to the details of the paperwork, when Jasper is on the stage I know that I’m the very best hands.”

Tom MacDougall, Vice President, Music - Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Jasper’s choirs are top-notch in all departments. The poise and quality achieved by his choir on my score for Wolverine is a perfect example of his extraordinarily high standards.”

- Harry Gregson-Williams

(X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Chronicles of Narnia)

“Jasper has the talent and depth to understand instinctively what is needed on any project. I always feel totally confident with his involvement.”

- Trevor Rabin

(The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, National Treasure 2)

“The quality of the singing on his sessions has been first rate. And most importantly, he is as pleasant and professional a person to work with as you could hope for.”

- Teddy Shapiro

(Tropic Thunder, Dinner for Schmucks, Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

“It is always a pleasure and stress relief to work with Jasper. He combines his knowledge of voice, broad catalog of singers, sympathetic talents as a musician and composer, appreciation for budgets, deadlines and general industry savvy to help me achieve what I’m hearing in my head. And he seems to do all of this effortlessly.”

-Blake Neely

(Eli Stone - ABC, The Pacific - HBO)

“Jasper helped bring our recent musicals to life, including 'Teen Beach Movie' and 'Let it Shine'. He assembled just the right blend of voices to create the diverse sounds of a '60s beach movie and a contemporary hip hop gospel choir. He is a tremendous partner both creatively and administratively, he makes it easy.”

Steven Vincent (Disney Channel Worldwide)

“We just recorded 'Wreck-It Ralph' with singers that Jasper booked. They sounded amazing, and were a joy to work with”

Nick Glennie-Smith

(Secretariat, Ella Enchanted)

“Working with Jasper and his choir is an absolute pleasure. Their sound and professionalism are superb. I can't wait to work with them again soon.”

Henry Jackman

(X-Men: First Class, Wreck-It Ralph, The End of The World)

We look forward to providing this same level of excellence for you and your projects.

For more information regarding our vocal services, please contact Jasper Randall at jasper@prmusicservices.com or call us directly at (818) 876-7500.


Peter Rotter Music Services has taken great pride in the live concert and theatrical stage events that they have helped contract and coordinate over the past several years.

Concert events including the 2012 Performance of Eric Idle’s “What About Dick?” which took place at the beautiful Orpheum theatre in downtown Los Angeles theater district featuring hilarious performances by Russell Brand, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Tracey Ullman and Tim Curry to name a few of the A list celebrities who were involved in the show. The 2011 Clinton Foundation Concert at the Hollywood Bowl featuring Bono/U2, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Juanes, and Usher. The 2010 Peter Gabriel “New Blood” tour live at the Hollywood Bowl, Seth MacFarlane’s “Music is Better Than Words” at The Nokia theater, The E3 Nintedo Live Concert at the Nokia as well as our ongoing concert series at The Alex theatre with the Glendale Pops Orchestra, Paramount’s 100th Anniversary, as well as many other concerts and events throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

For more detailed information or a project specific budget estimate, please contact our office (818) 876-7500 or info@prmusicservices.com